Dating Mindset

If you have decided to venture out into the dating app world, then there is a certain mindset one needs to acquire before you throw your profile out for all the vultures to see. First of all, be sure you are healed! If you have recently gone through a divorce or a break up, then hold up my friend. Give yourself some time to get over it. Be sure you are not looking for someone to cure your broken heart! That is your job and it can and will lead you into the wrong arms nine times out of ten. 

If you are good to go there, then please do not take this stuff too seriously. Ladies and gentleman, a lot of people are going to tell you exactly what you want to hear so you need to be unbiased to be able to filter out the BS. Last I checked, one doesn’t find the love of their life after seeing a profile picture and exchanging a few messages! Keep yourself a little guarded and listen to him or her! People will tell you exactly who they are if you are open to hear it. Don’t ignore red flags! And please don’t believe for one second you can help him, change her, or rescue him. Newsflash.. you cant!!!! You cannot be desperate or want  it too badly either. This will keep you from spotting red flags. So how does one keep from being desperate?

First and foremost, you make darn sure you are happy with yourself. Have you defined  your value system?   Can you support yourself? Are you happy single and capable of making yourself happy? Your happiness, well being, and finances are your sole responsibilities and looking to someone else for any or all of the above isn’t fair to either of you and can most likely result in disaster. If you don’t remember anything from this part, remember this!! When things go wrong, Its not going to be about you!!! You may want to make it about you! You may worry you Messed it up or you were not good enough, but guess what? You simply are not capable of messing up Gods plan for you and you are more than enough! Sometimes the timing is simply off or it’s just not meant to be! Not everyone is ready at the time you are ready  for a relationship! There are a lot of books out there that tell you how to make the guy fall for you, how to flirt with her and reply to his texts, and how to keep her interested. All that does is keep you from being  you!!  You simply need focus on you being the very best you you can Be, which  requires you knowing who You are and slowly letting others get to know You as well. Never forget you are a prize my dear, a prize!  Be sure you know who you are, you have defined your  value system, and its time to let go of expectations and start setting standards. You are just going to take the awesome lady or man you are and push yourself to utilize your assets to get you closer to finding your Mr. Or Mrs. Right. If I meet a guy I really like and I am relying on a book to tell me what to say to him, is he really getting to know me or the author of the latest how to text a cute guy book? So take a big breath in and get your mindset just right! These dating apps are not easy! Its a rough sea of men and women out there and your mindset will be your armor! It can and will protect you from jumping into situations you have no business being a part of. Ladies,  You are going to come across way more frogs than princes! You will hear and possibly see things yuh will want to forget, but you aren’t taking any of it seriously so the good news is you most likely will tighten up your stomach muscles with lots of laughter and my friends you will most definitely have some funny stories to tell your married friends who will hang on to their marriages for dear life when they hear about the new ways of the world and all of the people you “match” up with. Men, there is going to be a tad bit more crazy hot than normal hot, but with the right mindset and the Right intentions, you can and will find the woman of your dreams! She exists, but in order to find her you juts have to be on your A game! You have got to be the best man you can be and not let the easy ones get in the way of you  meeting the right ones! Enjoy the journey and try not to focus to much on the destination!! Cinderella awaits you! And ladies your prince is coming!!

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