What’s the Buzz About?

After a 3 hour workout Saturday morning, I had to run home, shower and rush to open my store! I was exhausted and not happy at all about having to work. The good news is I was graced with some of my favorite customers along with a couple of frolic first timers that absolutely made my day! The subject in particular came in with her daughter! Both of them were dressed to the nines, and full of energy. While her daughter looked around, I started talking to the mother. I immediately commented on how good she looked and she informed me she was 83 years young! She had on a necklace with a beautiful black and white picture in it! I complimented the charm as well, and she said this was my husband and myself and we were married 50 years and he died three years ago. I said wow! He sure was handsome, and She said, “yes he was and that’s why I can’t date any of the men that try to date me now because they are all so ugly! None of them look anywhere at all as good as he did! She told me what a hard worker he was, how he taught her four kids the value of hard work, and how much he loved her! His name was Kenneth and everyone Called him lightning! After meeting her, I can only imagine how he got such a great nickname!! So after she left, I wondered what Kenneth would think about the way people date today! I am pretty sure he would find it absurd and not get what the buzz is all about! I can only imagine that Kenneth pursued and courted His beautiful bride. I doubt he fed her a bunch of bullshit or misled her. Back then no one swiped right, text, snapped or stalked social media! THey dated in a slow old fashion kind of way! Kenneth probably picked her up, opened the door for her, and if he got lucky he kissed her when he Walked her to her front steps of her house, and as things progressed I’m sure Lightning slowly but surely put some moves on his beautiful object of affection. They most likely talked on the phone and got to know each other in a timely fashion mits likely with a date or so a week. 
As you know if u read my blogs, shop with me, or hang with me, I have given the dating AppS some ample tries. I have not stayed on any of them for long periods of time. Honestly, I’m not sure how anyone can do some of them. Talk about an eye opener to the crazy world! As of now, I am officially done with all of them! If I said I liked them or I have enjoyed it, that would most definitely be a fib. Although I do like the lessons I have learned about myself through this trying effort to meet someone, and I have met some good people. If anything, it has given me hope that there actually are some good fish left in the sea, but there are a lot more disturbing ones to say the very least. I have been proposed to after one conversation. I’ve been asked to go to the beach with a family after a short thread of texts and one phone call. I’ve been misled, shocked, sickened, and pleasantly surprised. One guy bragged to me about his ability to “party down” then he proudly sent me a picture of his busted Nose after he wrecked a golf  cart in a drunken stupor! I can’t make this stuff up people! I have been asked for naked pictures, and my favorite is probably the man in a wife beater wearing an oxygen tank that told me I was groovy, and he thought he had exactly what I needed. Hands down, Bumble is the best one and the only one I would try once more if I ever get to that point again. Before one tries a dating app there are a few things you better check off your list! First and foremost, you better have a sense of humor! Please don’t take any of this stuff too seriously! If you do, you are going down fast my friends. Just because someone had a good bio and a cute picture doesn’t make them any different than Pee Wee Herman! Looks can be deceiving. Second of all, thicken up your skin! I am amazed at the amounts of bullshit out there. As soon as you think you meet a “normal” one, he may stand you up or never message you again. Third, get in reality. Talk is cheap people!! Anyone can tell you they are into you! Anyone can tell you how great they are and paint a pretty picture, but are they walking the talk? Its all about actions. Is he picking up the phone and calling you or is he making an effort to take you out? I am so over these men who hide behind their fingers! What man prefers texting and snapping a girl over actually meeting her in person? Well if you don’t know the answer, I’ll tell you! It Would be a man with a string of women, a married man or a man with a girlfriend. Let me promise you this, if he isn’t seeing you, he is going to be seeing someone else or he has some sort of issues that you don’t want to deal with. I’m not sure why someone would want to be on a dating app and not actually take women out, but that is the problem with today’s society. People are all into their phones and texting! I hate it! You can’t and I repeat again you CANT get To know someone through text and especially not through snap! Hell half the time I can’t even remember what was said or sent by time I get the reply! Last but most important! Anyone can be goo goo Gaga over you for a week or two! Please don’t buy into it just yet!  Yes appreciate compliments, have fun,  but don’t dare think for a single second you have met that special someone until you are both that excited months into it!  Most men just like the chase and the beginning so give it time! There are still good men out there like Kenneth! There are men who will actually court you, but they will keep doing it! I know it’s hard to not get excited early in, but don’t! I have realized it best to Slow it down if I really like someone, and if it’s meant to be something it will progress. Jumping in too fast right out of he gate is a surefire way to mess up a good thing.
I have no doubt there are still Kenneths out there! I have chosen to get off the apps and Just trust that God will make it happen or he will put the desire back in me when the time is right to go back to the crazy world of swiping! Dating is hard in today’s world to say the very least!!! You are going to be burned by some and you will burn some. You may think u met  the man of your dreams, and he may not be ready for a relationship, but you have to Keep moving forward. Now you know what kind of a man you are hoping to find! You have at least seen there are a few good ones out there, but be sure if  you do find a good one to hold on if at alm

possible because it Could be a while before another one swipes your way!   You just won’t click with some people! Some people won’t click with you! That my friends  is called dating, and I hate it!!! You are getting to know people in hopes you find someone you want to keep getting to know! Its that simple, so try not to complicate it by making it any more than that! Try not to get spooked! All things happen for a reason so just let them happen! If I had it my way, I would go back in time to old school days! It was so much simpler back then! The key here is not settling! Find your Kenneth! Wait on the kind of connection that wows you and be sure it is reciprocated. Wait for the person you can open up and be yourself with, the one who courts you, maybe even cooks for you, the one you can talk to about anything, the one  who is into you longer than five minutes, and actually calls and talks to you. Wait on someone who challenges you, amazes you, and makes you a better person. The chemistry is important too, but that can’t be all there is. Chemistry is not enough to maintain a lasting good thing! He or she is out there! If you are like me, I’m sure there are times you doubt it, especially if you have been divorced 12 years, but all happens for a reason! Hang in, hold on, and just keep being the best you YOU can be! Who knows your prince may just ride up on a white horse when you are least expecting it, and you may never have to swipe right again!!

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