Daring to Date in 2018

Dating in 2018 checklist..
1. Self love
2. Self respect
3. Self worth
4. He’s Just Not That Into You By Greg Behrendt on your bedside table
5. Jesus calling
6. Best Girlfriends
7. Sense of Humor
8. Perspective
9. Standards
10. Gratitude
11. Prayer
12. Rocking outfit

Now that we have established the list of necessities one needs to date safely in 2018, I am going to give you a little homework. So sit down and make a list of all the things you want to find in a man or woman. Go ahead and dare to dream of the perfect person for you. He may be tall, dark, and handsome or she may be an effortless knock out. Those things are not what I want you to focus on. Focus on the qualities you want someone to possess. Focus on the things you desire to get from this Mr. Or Mrs. Right. Once your list is mAde, then I want you to ask yourself an extremely important question. Can I give myself all the things on the list? Am I capable of being the person I can only dare to dream of swiping right? If the answer is yes, then you are ready to roll. If you look at that list and realize you are looking for someone to swoop in and support you emotionally or financially then my dreamy friend its time we do a little self work. It isnt fair to anyone, especially yourself to expect someone else to be your all and all or to be all the things you need.
I cant tell you how many girls come in and out of my store proclaiming that there are no good ones left. They keep attracting cheAting, lying, unavailable men. Nor can I tell you how many of my guy friends repeatedly tell me stories of crazy, needy, manipulative dishonest women. Here is the deal people. Often, We attract what we are or sometimes we just want it so bad we go in blind by falling too fast in hopes we can be their saving grace or maybe they just play a really good number on us. Trust me we have all been there. Life is full of mistakes that I like to call lessons. The key is to learn from it!
Do you remember the story of the rabbit and the turtle? Slow and steady won the race people. But, In all these situations, there is a common denominator. Its you! So stop looking for someone to be this perfect illusion you have dreamed of and start looking at yourself. Become the person of your dreams. Before Mr. Or Mrs. Right can find you, you have got to attract them, and you have to be clear minded enough to recognize whats right in front of you. People will always show you exactly who they are!! Dont go blind on them before it happens!! Take my dating in 2018 list to heart. People if you dont love and respect yourself, how can you expect anyone else to? If you dont know your worth, you are going to sell yourself short everytime!! The bedside book is simple.. if he or she is into you, you wont have to wonder or wait for them to call. If they Are into you, it will be obvious. Now let me say, just because they arent blowing up your phone isnt a reason to go postal. Pick up your Jesus calling and take it to heart. Time takes time. God will give you all the info you need when he wants you to have it. So if you start feeling hopeless or that you just arent worthy. It will happen guys. Its hard not to make it about yourself so thats why you call your best girlfriend or your main dude. They will remind you that you are kicking ass at this thing called life and it should change your perspective. Keep your standards high. You arent out there trying to promote yourself. You should never have to convince someone to like you!! Never!! You are simply being you and that fabulous you gets to choose what and who feels right for you. Last but not least, keep praying about it all and people please wear rocking outfits. LAdies Sport the leather leggings, skinny jean, and heels. Men throw out the cargo pants and rock some lucky jeans and kick butt boots.
The moral to the blog is to simply be the best YOU you can be! Hang in, hold on, and trust that Gods got it all mapped out! Go have some fun being your very own soulmate and sooner rather than later you will be waking up to the person of your dreams!!  

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