Celebrating Freedom

Happy Independence Day! What a wonderful thing it is to live in a place where we are blessed with freedom. Today, not only do I celebrate the freedoms I have living in this great county, but I also celebrate my own freedoms. Webster's definition of freedom states : the quality or state of being free: such as
a : the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action
b : liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another : independence
c : the quality or state of being exempt or released usually from something onerous freedomfrom care.
There is a lot of good stuff in that definition. I think so many times in my past, I failed to realize that I have choices. No one can tell me what to do. No one can force me to feel a certain way. No one can steal my joy, nor can they coerce me into taking care of them or doing things for them that make me feel uncomfortable. I can't tell you how many times I have said yes to someone, and then I found myself overwhelmed with this big responsibility, and I was mad at them. I can recall thinking how everyone always took advantage of me. Who said yes? Me! I allowed it to happen. I made the choice to do whatever it was that completely ticked me off. I was a volunteer, NOT a victim. Today I know that no is a complete sentence. I have a choice. Have you ever found yourself in a knock down drag out with someone who infuriates you? It is exhausting and honestly has no purpose. Today I know that I do not have to attend every fight I am invited to. I can either be Happy or I can be right. Some choices are harder than others, and it's hard to say no or walk away, but for me it's necessary if I want to keep my sanity.
Have you ever given another person power over yourself? I know I have, and it is most definitely like being a Slave to their emotions. I can recall times when my happiness relied on others. If "he" was happy I was happy. If "he" was in a good mood so was I. If "he" we upset I walked on eggshells to try to keep him from blowing up and I was upset too. Other times I threw fuel on "his" fire by trying to control the situation or even throwing blame or yelling back. This is slavery that takes away all of our freedom. When I rely on other people's emotions to define mine, I'm in big trouble. I am giving another human being the power over my own life. I am a hostage in my own skin. Today, I choose to give the power of my life to one far greater than myself. I know that only when I rely on God and myself to determine my own emotions do I become free of the restraints.
That last part of the definition refers to being released from something onerous. Well friends, to me that means being released from my selfish egotistical self. Last I checked the Lord's Prayer never said my will be done, it said thy will be done. My ego likes to tell me that I know what's best for me life. My ego( Edging God Out) honestly has its own plans for my life. I once heard someone say that if he had written Down a list of the things he wanted out of life and God has just given him those things, then he would have cheated himself out of so much. I can honestly say that when it comes To my plans. I have little if any patience. I can't stand not knowing what's coming. It's not the heartbreak or disappointment that scare me, it's the unknown. I know hands down without a doubt I can handle anything today God throws at me as long as I give it to him to help me through it. There was a day people, places, or things had the power to break me. Today they don't. My heart may break, but that is part of life and I can be sad and eventually move on. What I absolutely can't stand is the wait. I want what I want now, and that's not how it works at all. The wait is where all the magic happens. The wait is where God is getting you and what he has in store for you ready. The wait is what produces the miracles. He gives us what we need, not what we want, and in the end we will realize that it's far better than what we could have ever wanted for ourself. Today I am struggling in the wait, and someone said to me something that completely changed my attitude. I've said many times that rejection is Gods protection, and I believe that, but she took it deeper and said that God is protecting the relationship I so long to have. If I'm not ready, if he's not ready then it will never work, and then we ruin a beautiful thing that simply can't be defined just yet. I got in my car and sobbed and thought to myself just how much I needed to hear that. I want the easier softer way, but as my dear friend always says to me, "nothing worth having ever comes easy". God has something for me far greater than I can imagine and I am certain he is making me wait sooooo long because it's going to be sooo good! Today I choose To enjoy this day of freedom! I plan to celebrate my own independence as well the great freedoms I have living in this awesome country. I don't have to like the wait, I just have to accept it. So to all you single gals or guys who are tired of the wait. Don't settle. Don't give up five minutes before the miracle happens. I promise you, your miracle awaits. Tonight as u look up in the beautiful firework lit sky, just think, the person God has for you is looking up at that same sky. That person is waiting for you too. So grab your cutest red white and blue outfit, and go celebrate your independence because we both know you my dear are fabulous!!

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