Can't Keep a Good One Down.

I can remember back in my days as an elementary Special Education teacher, sitting at the teacher lunch table, and One teacher in particular let's call him, Mr. Elmers, was very unhappy with his profession. He use to wish he could do something else. He always spoke about being stuck. I recall thinking how crazy that statement was. He was still young! There were many other possibilities!!
I truly believe We are only stuck if we choose to stay stuck. Now if he was making 6 figures or only a couple years from retirement, I would probably have been more apt to agree that he was a tad stuck, but I did not get it! He was still around the age of 30 and had a masters degree in education and I always thought he could easily go find something else. That is if he really wanted too. The way I saw it was either accept it, change it, or stop complaining please!!
Lately, I've thought a lot about being stuck in more ways than one. I truly believe that God intends for us to live our life to the fullest. Think with me for a minute here! How many ways do we all get stuck? Stuck spiritually? Stuck mentally? Stuck emotionally? Stuck physically? Stuck in an unhappy relationship? Stuck with the wrong person ? Stuck in a small town? Stuck in a job you hate or with a boss you despise? Stuck on the scale or in a certain size clothes? Stuck at a certain income? Stuck in a rut? The list goes on....
Everyone at one time or another in life will find theirselves stuck in some situation or with some person. So today I challenge you if you are stuck in some way, to simply begin to change the things you can. One step at a time, you can and will remove yourself from the funk or situation you are in by simply deciding that you want more And recognizing that you deserve more. One of my favorite stories(if you know me, you know I love stories), was a friend of mine telling me how she ended up
With her husband. She said she was dating this really nice guy. She couldn't find anything wrong with him, but she said she almost felt stuck. It kept her from being lonely for sure. They didn't fight or have big problems but something was missing. So she tells a friend about this and her friend looks at her and says, " he is just Mr. right now". He served his purpose, but how much more Time to do you want to waste with him? You will know it when you have "Mr Right." That statement was an eye opener for her. She amicably broke up with Mr. Right Now and guess what happened a few months later?? She was at a BBQ and met Mr. Right.
The beauty of this life we are given is all the choices we are free to make for ourselves. I have learned that when I start to feel stuck That's my sign that I need to step it up and make some changes in my world!! There is always an answer, always an option. Change isn't easy, but it is necessary if want to grow and get the most out of this life.  Why would any of us spend too much time in a Mr. Right now kind of situation when God intends us to have the Mr. Right. I believe that everything happens for a reason. It all gets me where I need to be. Like I always say, no mistakes just lessons priming us for the best of the best.  I have learned now that when I start feeling stuck, it's time I begin  praying for guidance and getting ready to make some changes. Friends being stuck isn't a bad thing unless you stay there forever. We all get stuck time to time. Lately I had a bit of an, I'm stuck kind of feeling, and boy am I excited about all the changes I am making. I'm in it to win it! I don't know what ever happened With Mr. Elmers. I hope he figured something out! I hope he isn't still stuck sitting at that same Lunch table complaining, but sadly  There are some people who go through life stuck. I believe it's fear, but I also believe that fear and faith cannot coexist. It's a leap of faith to make changes. All Leaps require strength. That strength comes from God.  But I know one thing..., you simply  can't keep a good one down, especially not this one!! So recognize that you are one of the good ones and if or when you find yourself stuck. Have faith. Leap!! Break Away!!   You only stay stuck if you choose too!! Bigger and better things are going to happen!!

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