Bravery in a blog

Some people have voiced to me that I
Am brave to write this blog, and I certainly appreciate the kind words, but I think I actually write it because so many great things have happened to me that it's too good not to share!!! God has put so many brave people in my life that I had no choice but to follow their lead! None of these brave people ever told me what to do nor did they ever scream how perfect they were. They simply shared their own messes, mishaps, and mistakes with me. Yet, they also shared their triumphs which is what got me where I am today.
None of these people tried to fix me or my life. They let me live and learn. I have learned that if I want to be brave, I surround myself with brave People, if I want to be successful, I listen to successful people, if I want to be positive, I keep positive people around me. We are who we surround ourselves with. That's a given!! I just recently was telling someone that I truly believe God knows faithful people take the bad and turn it into good! Those people become the brave! Then there are the pity party people who take the bad and spend lifetimes blaming all their problems on someone else or feeling sorry for themself because they got the wrong end of the deal. I honestly Steer clear from these people. Their lives are usually chaos and Guess what? Chaos Is contagious. I can Love them, share with them, but I guard my time wisely around these people!
So here's my take... The real deal lies in our own hands. We all get dealt some tough cards. It's all about how you play them
Life is full of good and bad hands! Look around you! I see people daily who marvel me with their strength and bravery. There was a time I honestly thought my life was ruined becAuse I was getting the single mom card. Well that card is an ace compared to the Sick child card. I can't even imagine watching ur child fight for their life.
At 32 I got the loose my mom card, well that is also an ace when you see children who loose their moms at such young ages. I got to grow up with a great mom who loved me and taught me all
I needed to know. Therefore I am
Just grateful for 32 great years.
Every card you are dealt is in your hands. You choose how to play it! You choose how you react to it! You choose how you share it. 10 years ago I found myself in a small group at my church. We met for 12 weeks that involved a lot of sharing and talking. There were three people in my group that shared their "hands " with me with whom I could identify with on some level. I listened, but I'll be honest with you, it wasn't until a few years later, I realized their crappy card stories were going to change my life. We never know when something we share will help someone. We never know when God will use us! We may never know that we even make the difference, but God knows. If I haven't walked in someone's shoes, I sure can't tell them what to do. Even if I've been there and done that, it's still not my place. All I can do is share my own experiences which can and will lead to a little hope! There are simply some things that just can't be explained. There are things I've seen happen that honestly make no sense, but it isn't my place to try and make sense out of it. It isn't my place to try and figure out why God does the things he does or why he allows some things to happen. It isn't my place to figure out why a grown man would choose drugs over his children, nor is it my place to try and explain to someone why the love of their life just left them. I am not all
Knowing. I don't know why some of these things happen, but I do know how to play my own hand. I know that I have to take the cards I am dealt. I have to accept them and simply do the best I can with what I've got. I thank my lucky stars for all you who share your wisdom, grace, and experiences with me! So yes, I am brave, but I am brave because of the brave people God sent me!! And guess what? The braver I get, the cards just keep getting better!! So I say.. Keep them coming!!

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