Blind Hope

So today's Jesus Calling, which is a daily read for me, talked about the love which surpasses all knowledge.
Yesterday was one of those days I call a flood, and it had nothing to do with rain. I was flooded with examples of the power of having faith in Gods will, the power of hope, and the strength it brings us. Having this fun little store affords me the opportunity to come across so many people. I truly believe every one of us has a story to tell, and I kNOw that I can learn something from every one of these people God puts in my presence even if I just get to hear how God is working on or through them. And sometimes I get to share my own story. For I have no doubt that when we share our own experiences, it gives others hope. I also don't think I myself can keep what I don't give away. I once heard someone say hope stood for... hold on pain ends. I've also heard it said joy shared, joy doubled, pain shared, pain lessened. Hence why sharing has so much power!! I watched this amazing video yesterday and one of the speakers referred to blind hope. I've never heard it put that way, so I thought about it a lot. I have always loved the verse that reminds us to walk by faith, not sight so this is pretty much the same but to me sounds even more promising especially since Hope is one of my favorite words of all time. In my opinion, Blind hope means that I can trust the love God has for me completely. It means that love surpasses all
Knowledge and understanding. I may never know why things happen, but that love tells me that they are happening because they are meant to happen. No one says I have to like it. No one says it won't hurt. But God does say he is there, and he has a plan. That blind hope tells me that I have no idea what my future holds but I know that he wants even more for me than I can imagine. So I hope blindly for what's ahead knowing it all
Comes in his time. You will
Often hear me say... I can't, he can, I'll
Let him! Letting him is really blind hope trusting he has it all.  MAny of you know I wear a cool cuff everyday with the words Let Go Let God hammered in copper. It's my Daily reminder to do that very thing. Very simple, yet notice I didn't say easy!!! So I challenge you today to share your own experiences. I also challenge you to listen to others and learn from their experiences. And last but not least I beg you to hope. For hope will get you exactly where God means you to be. Hope is going to take you places you never imagined and it will get you through things you never thought you could handle, and if all u have is blind hope then guess what... God is the best guide to have. He can and will pull you from any darkness or any depth if you simply just let him.

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