As the Christmas season comes to a close and the decorations come down. I’ve decided to keep my believe sign on my mantle through the year.  If I had to choose some of my favorite words, BELiEVE would most  definitely be at the top of the list. I believe that coincidences don’t exist and that mistakes are lessons. I believe that we get it wrong to learn how to get it right. I believe that everything happens for a reason be it good, bad, happy, or sad. I also Believe  that happiness is a choice we make daily. I honestly use to let my circumstances dominate my days.  I was actually that person that use to think that other people, places, or things could ruin my day, even my life. Now I know that to be false. I believe that God has someone out there for everyone, but some people miss out on meeting that someone because they stay with the wrong person out of fear, whether it simply just be the fear of being alone, finances, raising kids, etc. I know it is easier to stay than to leave, but I truly believe that when God is closing a door, I better let him close it because once it's completely closed, he is going to have something far better for me! I believe it will be in his time, not mine. I believe The ONLY person I can fix, save, or change is myself, and if  I am attempting it with anyone else  then it's time to look in the mirror. I believe in friendships that encourage you and help you grow. I believe those friendships are a two way street. I believe that the right people will make their way into our lives and the wrong ones fall out. I believe that happiness is contagious and laughter is necessary. I believe that love  is a verb which means it shows  shows action. Anyone can tell you they love you. I believe Love is good and kind. I believe in the kind of Love that pushes you to be the best version of yourself you can be. Love isn't fixing or changing someone. Love is accepting that person exactly for who or what they are at that moment.  I believe Love is setting standards for yourself but having little if any expectations of other people. After  all one of the greatest writers once said “Expectations are the root of all heartache.” Shakespeare knew something about life and love. I believe in going after your dreams and doing what you love. I believe in singing loudly even if you can’t carry a tune. I believe in dancing around the house when your favorite song is on. I believe in believing in  others when they can’t believe  in themselves. I also believe sometimes I can believe you believe when I’m in Doubt. I believe I can and will get where I want to go if I keep suiting up and showing up. I believe there’s a bit of good in the worst of us  and a bit of bad in the best of us. I believe that people who have been to hell and back gain experiences they can use to help others! I believe in healing and recovery. I believe in miracles.  I believe that I can’t keep what I don’t give away. I believe at any given time in my life that I am simply doing the best I can at that moment and so is everyone else. I believe that I am where I am Today because of the pure Grace of God and all the people he has placed in my path!  So for 2019, like all of you I have a list of goals but my main goAl is to just keep believing, keep being the best me I can be, and I have no doubt my life will fall into place exactly how it should be! And yours will too!! I believe it and you should too!!  What things do you believe in??

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