As the Year Ends

As a year comes to an end, I like to reflect on the growth and changes that have taken place throughout the past 12 months. Every year to me is a gift. Yes, some years are better than others. But as Maddox, my twelve year old says often, "you have to experience the bad to appreciate the good." I have found that the "not so Good" years, the years I can't wait to see gone are the years I grow and change the most. Those are the years my faith is strengthened. Those are the years I learn exactly what I am made of. I have learned not to dread or complain about those years because they are all a part of His plan to get me where I need to be.

I know you have heard it said, God is good all the time. This doesn't mean that everything that happens in one of those rough years is good. Some of those things are going to seem unbearable. I wAtched two of my friends Bury their son this year. Frankly, there is nothing good about that, but through it all, God remained good the whole time, and a lot of good came from Him through this battle. I have never understood how people can try to explain why God does the things he does. I don't think I am anywhere near qualified to tell them why their son didn't survive, but I can tell them that without a doubt that it was His will, and He will get them through it. I once heard a Priest say, " God has a lot to account for. ". I do know that God doesn't expect us to like it when bad things happen to us, but he does call on us to lean on Him. My Mom always said, "friends and family can give you comfort, but only God can give u peace." Loosing someone you love dearly definitely makes for a bad year. These people get a pass to call it a bad year, no doubt. But, making wrong choices, being in a bad relationship, loosing your job, loosing friends, or staying in some sort of trouble is not the years fault. As much as these things suck, they are part of the road we travel
To get us where or with who we are suppose to be. Those bad years always seem turn into some form of a blessing.

Have u ever heard the definition of insanity? Just in case you haven't, insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result. Guess what? Nothing changes if nothing changes. If you feel like this was a bad year, what can you do to make next year better? Have you put on a lot of weight? Do you constantly complain about it? Well, nothing changes if nothing. changes. Either embrace the big belly or start eating clean and exercising. It's really not rocket science. If you hate your job, look for another one. If you are in a bad relationship, get out of it or simply accept it for what it is. I honestly can't deal
With these people who always complain, but do nothing about it. What bothers me even more are the people who blame their bad year on someone else. Guess what? You are responsible for your own happiness. You are responsible for your own year. There is nothing I hate worse than to hear someone say.., he ruined my life. No he didn't ruin your life. You ruined your own life by giving him that much power. Things are not going to always go exactly as you want them to go. People are not going to do what you think they should do. The only person you can change or control is yourself. I once heard it said, acceptance is the key! If I cannot accept life on lifes terms, if I can't accept every person, place or thing in my life as they are, then it's time I start changing myself, my attitude, or I remove those things from my life. It's actually a simple concept. Although change is never easy at first, but it is necessary for growth in this life!

I am coming off of what I call a good year, although It wasn't a record year at my store, it was actually a slow year in the storefront, but I couldn't have survived without all of my Instagram and website orders. So instead of whining about the fact that every Tom, Dick, and Harry open stores in this town. Guess what I did? I expanded my business more into Nashville, and I am stepping up my website. Is this going to be easy? Well no!! Especially not for this nontechnical girl!! But, it is necessary. Of course it is! My stuff is edgy and fabulous, and exactly what the worldwide web needs. Not to mention this entertaining rambling single moms blog in addition to great fashion. Do I wish I had it easier? Do I wish I had help with all my bills? Is it hard being a good single mother? You bet your bottom dollar, I answer yes to all of that. But, guess what? I have learned that when and if God puts up road blocks, when things get hard, my stubborn self Better find a different path!! God is always going to give u directions, but you have to be willing and open to hear and follow them. There are no coincidences in this life! The more you ignore them, the longer you will stay where you are instead of getting where or with who you belong.

So to those of you who suffered loss this year, may God love and embrace you and give u peace, and may 2017 be a better year. But to those of you like myself who have two healthy thriving kids, a supportive family, or friends who love you, be grateful for the gift 2016 was in your life, good or bad. Keep in mind, God is good all the time. If you thought the past year was bad, get ready.... The next one is going to be your best yet as long as you are willing to change and grow as He is calling you to do!


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    Well Said….and so true!

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    Simple brilliance!

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    Thank You!! I needed this today!!

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    Just WOW!!! SO well said and a huge THANK YOU!!

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