Angels Among Us

Eight years ago I served on my first Cursillo staff which was an experience I will never forget. Cursillo is a three day weekend full of unconditional love, grace, and the Holy Spirit. It takes place at Camp McDowell which is Truly one of Gods most beautiful creations. If you have never been to this wonderful wonderful place, check it out. The staff I served with is forever in my heart. To me, They are like that first love you never forget.
So part of this weekend involves lots of walking. On one of these particular walks, I was talking to one of my fellow staffers who at the time was having some problems with one of her children that appeared to be possible autism. With my special Ed background I was able to share a lot with her and somewhat clarify some of her thoughts. On this particular walk, she said something to me I will never forget. She told me I had been her angel through the weekend. Now I've Been called a lot of things, given a lot of lines, but this was one of the best things I had ever heard. What a compliment. She went on to tell
Me that God sends us angels when we need them most, and sometimes we even get to be the Angel. Now over those past eight years God has placed many angels in my path. Thanks to that talk that day, I am
Able to recognize them right away. So one of those Angels recently lost his life, and that is what got me thinking about this whole angel concept. Let's go back about 7 years ago, and Picture A restaurant patio with live music then visualize this thirty something fashionable pretty cute, if I say so myself, young lady moping at her table. She was down right feeling sorry for herself. Why? Well because the knight and shining armor she thought was Mr. Right turned out to be Mr. Wrong. At that time she still thought someone was coming to save her... White horse and all! So this scruffy faced man who appeared to be an angel, but at that time more like one of Hells angels. You know the motorcycle group. He wore a leather Harley jacket and had one of those slow country drawls. He was a little hard of hearing and let me know upfront I needed to speak louder which is no problem for me. He sits down and says, "why are you so blue?" I went on and on about the jerk who had broken my heart. He looked at me and said something that changed my life at that very moment. He asked me what all I was hoping to find in a significant other. That was easy. My rambling self had quite a list that involved my well being, my happiness and my finances to name a few. So as I am naming all these things I wanted to find in another person, he looks right at me with that scruffy face and says, "Go home, write all
Those things down. Then, become that list, and see what happens". Now I must say at first it sounded crazy. Yet, there was just something about his sincerity that convinced me to do that very thing. Why not give it a try? I took the focus off finding someone and I put it on becoming that someone. Little by little, I rolled through the list. I chose to be happy with what I had which was two awesome healthy kids. I learned that God was giving me all I needed and I began to cherish every moment of life. I focused on building my business. I built a life for my kids and myself. I bought a house. I embraced taking out the trash. I threw the baseball with my son. I fell in love with the person God made me! Now, here's the deal... when you actually become your list, when you learn how to be happy alone, when you can support yourself, when you don't need anyone, you won't settle. So your pool of people gets a little smaller, but I promise you this, your life gets better and better! Remember this.... We attract what we are!! If we want A strong partNer then we have to become strong. I was just telling my friend yesterday that I know without a doubt my struggles have given me a strength I never imagined that cute fashionable moping young lady could have. The biggest benefit is that My kids have been raised with that strength all  because their Mom was so loved by her maker that he kept sending her Angels to keep her on the right track to actually complete that "list". I am still a work in progress, but just when I get to a standstill, just when I get down, God sends me someone else to remind me to simply stay the course, to Stay on the right path. Now keep in mind, I have no doubt the guy you are hoping to marry may be an angel, but these Angels I'm speaking of are not sent for that reason. They are sent to show you how to be the best you. They are not ever sent to make you better or help
You be better. They come to remind you how much power you have over your life. They Are not sent to save you! That's actually all on You and Him. So today in memory of my friend Jimmy I ask you to recognize your Angels and get ready to be one as needed! I challenge you to make your list, and as Jimmy said to me that night, see what happens.


  • Susie Strait

    I just got around to reading this. Thank you for this read today and about Jimmy. Love reading your blogs when I have a chance. You’ve been a loving encouragement to me!

  • Cissy DAvis

    So true Christy. Sometimes it just takes some women longer to learn this. And I think some never learn bc they feel a man will make them happy.

  • ALison MCGee

    Thank you for sharing! A recent message at church made this same point. I also believe you have been an angel for many people. Sorry for the loss of your friend.

  • Julie Cochran

    I love this! This is SO true! Was just remembering yesterday our angel who appeared to us at UAB when Rosemary was so sick. Gives me chills and tears. Thank you for posting!

  • Jodi McDaniel

    You will become someone’s Angel today because you shared Jimmy’s advice with your beautiful words!

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