How do u get happy single?

So someone read my blog yesterday and asked me, how did you get to the place where you finally "got it right", so here is how I did it In the very short version. Trust me, in no shape, form, or fashion was this easy. Everyone has their own way. This is a little piece of mine. 

I don't believe in mistakes or coincidences. I believe that we get it wrong to learn how to get it right. I believe that every thing happens for a reason be it good, bad, happy, or sad. I am also quite certain that happiness is a choice we make daily. I honestly use to let my circumstances dominate my days. I was actually that person that use to think another person could ruin my day, make my day, or even my life. Now I know that to be false. I have no doubt that God has someone out there for everyone, but some people miss out on meeting that someone because they stay with the wrong person out of fear, whether it simply just be the fear of being alone, finances, raising kids, etc. It is easier to stay than to leave, but I truly believe that when God is closing a door, I better let him close it because once it's completely closed, he is going to have something far better for me! I use to wonder why I never could "find " the one, why things always seemed to end up so crazy. Well I will tell u why!! It's because I was the one doing the finding and doing it my way not HIS!!  5 1/2 years ago I asked my friend Pam, how do u do it? How do u stay content single? She told me THE story that changed my life. She said I prayed for God to remove my desire to date until he thought I was ready. Well I went home, dropped to my knees and prayed that prayer. And guess what? It worked. And I worked on me and learned how to love my life exactly how it was ....with Two awesome kids, great friends, family, and the list goes on. I was happy single! Wow! I learned no matter what I am never ever alone!! I told God that I didn't trust my picker at all!! My friends can attest to my track record. And I told him that when he had someone for me to basically drop Them in my lap! Well 2 1/2 years later, in a cool little salon on Pine Street he did just that!! I see so many young girls come in to frolic heartbroken, worried, fearful, and trying to fix their boyfriends or hoping this time will be different. Well guess what? It won't!!! Girls, you can't fix or save anyone. Trust me I tried over and over!! The ONLY person u can fix, save, and change is yourself, and if you are attempting it with anyone then it's time to get to work on you! Love is a verb which shows action. It isn't a noun! Love is good and kind and you don't loose yourself in love or become obsessed and feel crazy. Love isn't fixing someone. It is accepting them exactly as they are. It's setting standards but having little if any expectations. So I challenge you today if God is trying to close a door, let him!! Have faith!! Fear cannot exist when faith is present. Stop trying to find the one, stop trying to pick him out, stop trying to make the jerk or that so so guy your seeing change, and just Let Go and Let God! It works!! I promise!! It excites me to think of what's behind your new doors!! 

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