My two cents worth on Valentine's Day

Here's the deal friends.... Being single on valentines beats being with the wrong person. Be your own valentine! Make a list of all the things u love about yourself and know there's someone out there that will love all those things and even be able to add more to it. I have found that the key to "getting it right" is loving yourself first! If I don't love being alone with me, I sure cant expect Mr. Right to! Play all your favorite songs loudly! Sing, dance, and splurge! Treat yourself as you'd hope a valentine would! I'm Certain that just when u least expect it your mr. or mrs. right will just appear! How do I know this? Because mine appeared when I became what I wanted to attract, and I stopped looking and Let Go and Let God!
So, Happy valentines day to all my single friends and a big happy day to all you lovebirds!! Today just Love love love. It makes the world go round!! Good things are coming. Just believe!!

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