Truths of a Childrens Clothing Addict

So I think I really need to say upfront ..... I'm Christy and I am a recovering children's clothing addict. No lie. Both of my children were seriously dressed in the finest everyday. Their play clothes were even smocked and matched. I may not have had the money to pay Comcast, but I always found a way to make it to the clothes shows and buy my kids all the smocked, appliqued, gingham clothes I could possibly get.

I was the girl who used three forms of payment to make it appear like I wasn't spending the mortgage on smocked seahorses. I had eBay figured out, so I would sell some of last seasons stuff on there to cover some of it. Then I  started repping the lines and doing home shows at people's houses. Discounts and commisons from not just one, but three lines. I also did the kids market consignment sales. I worked so I could shop first to find all my favorite brands.

Seriously, one time Wilks at 18 months had 19 Christmas outfits. At one point, Maddox had 27 bishops in her closet. It was seriously an obsession. My poor son looks back and  says mom. Really?? I had on lace at age 4. In my defense, I stopped the smocked tshirts once he hit kindergarten, but he still wore the gingham shorts with his polos that matched his sisters gingham. Issues? Maybe!!

Now you would think with this slight obsession with dressing my kids that I would have a few great pieces myself. Ha! I literally looked awful. I look back at pictures, and I think... Me... Voted Best Dressed in high school, someone who always loved fashion ... I looked hideous. I put all I had into dressing two kids who literally couldn't have cared less if their clothes were smocked or not. It was all for me, and I must say I lost some of myself during this obsessive time.  I even pushed Wills to like vanilla ice cream so he wouldn't stain the smock plates. Maddox wasn't having it. She indulged in mud, dirt, and chocolate but  I must say she wore it well. Oxy clean worked wonders. I so should have set aside 200.00 a season literally like 2 Less Hollywood Baby outfits and gone and gotten myself some updated fashion.

I think I would have felt better about myself and boy would the pictures I have today look much better. I see moms that I just want to get a hold of. Their kids are dressed to the nines and there they are... Cute as can be and clueless about their own fashion. Luckily, I came out of that obsession and I am now in the running for the best closet in town. Of course I should be, I own a fabulous boutique. Yes it's a dream job for a clothes horse like myself.

 So moms if any of this describes you..... Here is what I would do with you.... Every mom needs a rocking pair of jeans. The ones that fit like a dream and hands down they need to make ur butt look good. A great pair of black leggings are a total must have!! A few basic tunics and hands down at least one great cardigan and jacket. You need at least One dress that shows off ur favorite feature whatever that may be. Then there is that one top that makes ur heart melt. Its going to be your splurge. It's fun and hip and looks perfect on you!! A couple necklaces you can layer go a long way. Oh and a graphic tee that describes your kick butt self must go on the list.  And shoes moms!! Good shoes are a must. I know this to be true....   A man cannot complete you  my friends, but  a good pair of shoes can come close. It sure completes your outfit. Bad shoes can mess up that perfect top.

Now, I get people all the time who say.... I just don't know what to wear. And God love some of you, you are right. But all you have to do is find someone who has that nitch for fashion and let them help you. Come see me. I would love to help you to become the hot mom at the next spaghetti supper! It's not called retail therapy for nothing. An outfit you love will put a smile on your pretty face!!  Come see me at frolic and let's add some must have pieces to your wardrobe. Trust me, ten years from now u will thank me when going back thru the family pictures. 

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