"With Brave Wings She Flies!"

So 9 years later, I am actually launching my very own website. Opening the store has changed my life, and afforded me to have one great closet as well. People ask me often how I pick out the clothes. Honestly, I choose the things I want for myself. It seems to work for most. As one of my favorites, Sarah Elizabeth, said just yesterday. "Its a good thing we have the same taste." I have tried to do this site for about 6 years. It made so much sense to have one. After all, Florence is a college town, and the bulk of my customers are students. They come, and they go. Some are here for four whole years, and I get the joy of watching them become young women. I get to hear about their nights out, help them pick out the perfect outfit for their birthday, a first date, an anniversary date, or even the rocking outfit to make that boy think twice about dumping such a great girl. Retail really is therapy. I love to share my own experiences with them, as life is all about living, learning, and sometimes just listening. I have learned so much myself from these ladies. Then there are those who are just here a while, who go on to find a better fit for them, whatever that may be. The point here is, I have been afforded a job that lets me watch young girls accomplish goals, achieve dreams, make lifetime friendships, and experience the college times which we all know are some of the best years in life. A website will enable these young ladies to continue to shop frolic wherever they find themselves, and it gives me an opportunity to keep up with them and all the great things on their paths.

Of course, thankfully there are always the Taylors of frolic who keep coming back, website or not. The one who started shopping in high school with her mom whom I came to know and love them both. I'll call her Talented Taylor. I watched her go thru UNA, join the same sorority I was in, graduate Magna CUM Laude, then head off to Nashville where she is going to make all her dreams come true because she has always had a special drive in her and a mind of her own that will take her great places and luckily for me, that mind still brings her to frolic when she is in town.

Then there is Tenneessee TAylor, who found me through a friend. State lines do not seem to stop her or her boyfriend I have grown to love  just as much as her! Boys who shop with girls get brownie points, but ones who buy her what she wants, well I say let's crown them!! I know and love her whole family and her edgy style makes it easy for her to find what she likes at frolic!

Lastly,there is Tough Taylor. Her mom first came to me to ask me to give a gift card for a benefit for her, as she was fighting cancer. I did what I could to help, and thru the years I watched as she battled it. I can still remember the first time she could fit into frolic clothes. She was beautiful and no matter how sick she was, she was always positive with a smile. She learned this from her amazingly, strong determined mother, no doubt. She lost her hair many times, went through lots of chemo, but today she is a student at UNA and cancer free doing great things. She has a great story full of love, prayer, faith and hope for anyone going thru any kind of battle. Taylor loves fashion and recently won a door prize at sorority night and it thrilled me to give it to her.

So why is this the website that is going to work? Here is the big lesson I learned trying to do this after 6 years with a few failed attempts. If you really want to fly, you have to do it on your own. Have you ever heard of a bird flying with their baby? I haven't. They just push them of the nest and they seem to know they will simply soar. Have you ever just wanted someone to rescue you? Or maybe you wanted an easy way out? Well, as a dear friend once told me, "nothing worth having is ever easy" I say it is simple, but not easy! I finally realized in my personal life, if I wanted a change, I had to be the change. There was not going to be a prince riding up on a white horse to save me and pay my bills. Although that would be nice. My prince had to be the Man above,  and I myself my very own white horse. My first ride I chose to open frolic and I have worked very hard to continue to change myself and the store for the better.  We are all a work in progress. SO today I Launch frolicclothing.net and its calling me to ride an even bigger white horse for myself. It is a site I built on my own with the help of two friends. It is a site to show you, you can do anything you set your mind to. Yes, there will be people along the way who try to convince you that you can't. Just learn about yourself from those people. Don't dare believe them!!  That is just what I did. Every situation I found myself in, every expensive failed attempt, every dead end was because I allowed myself to be in it. I was looking for the Easier way which didn't exist.  So today here it is.  It is far from perfect, but it's a start, and it's my start and I am super excited about all of you being a part of it. So before you saddle up on your own white horses, better grab you a fabulous outfit to ride in!! I have no doubt if you are reading this, you are going to great places!! stay tuned! WE are just getting started and it will only get better!!!!

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