"Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk"

Has anyone ever told you not to cry over spilled milk? As a child, even an adult I've spilled my share of milk. Luckily, I was raised by a strong mom!  When I had a spill, I cried, she comforted me, cleaned it up, and she encouraged me to move on. Life is full of spills.  It's not the spill that matters. It's what you do after the spill. Spills are mistakes, and mistakes are lessons. Life isn't always fair. Part of growing up is learning to accept life on life's terms not our terms. Have u ever had a friend that is throwing a constant pity party? She just can't seem to understand why nothing goes her way? Well I use to be somewhat like that. I felt I couldn't catch a break. Poor me! Divorced with two kids working two to three jobs.  Blah blah blah. Well friends,  that's simply life. Everyone is fighting some battle. We all have struggles.  I learned to be grateful for the hard stuff and focus on all the good. It's called gratitude. I had two healthy children, I was healthy, I had a father who helped us,  a supportive brother, wonderful friends, and most of all a loving God who wanted only the best for me! But He wasn't Just going to give it all to me. I had to do my part. That's where we miss the boat ladies. We Wait on someone or something to change, when the power is in Us. I wasn't doing the necessary work on myself and on top of it even whining about mylife. I was being a crier!! So I stopped!! I quit crying over the spilled milk and I began to clean it up. In this case I was somewhat of a mess myself. I had to let go of people, places, and things that I let keep me down.  There came a time I had to realize, that my life was exactly how it was meant to be at that moment.  Then, I came to the conclusion, it was possible to change the things I could. First it was my attitude!  I knew I wanted more in this life. It all had to begin with me. Girls, we can't change anyone but ourselves. Oh if only there had been a required course in college on this very subject, but that's another story for a different day. When I took the focus off others and started looking at me, myself and I, guess what?? Things got better. I began to take care of my business one step at a time. Little by little things started changing. I was happier. Success began to find me. I was a better Mom. I also began teaching my kids to look at themselves. We can't control the things around us, but we can control the way we handle it. You may end up sitting the bench, not making the team, falling off the beam, not getting the job or making the grade, but it's not someone else's fault. It's life friends!! No one said it would always be fair.  So today I challenge you to think about your spills. Little by little, you can clean them up. The first step is to stop crying over it, then look at yourself and what you can do! By all means, please cry if you must, then start cleaning it up and moving on. The best is yet to come friends!



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