"Your Life isn't Falling Apart"

"Your life isn't falling apart, YOUR plan is, God's plan is perfect"
Frolic was part of His plan for me. 9 years ago I found myself divorced with two young children, a lapsed teacher certificate, no money in the bank, no job, and I honestly thought my life had fallen apart! I moved back in with my parents to take care of my dying mother and help my father with their photography business, and I also needed financial help desperately. I just knew that I would meet some great guy eventually and he would save us all. My plan was to be a stay at home mom. Who knows maybe even the PtA president one day! Surely God knew this was the best plan and he would see it through. Well, after a couple years of just getting by and looking out for that prince to ride up on his white horse, I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. The prince must have gotten lost. I was tired of needing my Dad's help. I was tired of worrying if my car was going to run out of gas in carpool line. I hated counting every penny at the grocery store and getting just the necessities. I wanted to do more. I needed to be more, but I also needed to show my kids how strong and intelligent their mom was! My dear college room mate had a store and she had encouraged me to open one. I kid you not, I woke up one morning and decided today was the day!! The day I was going to change our lives! I went to a special
Spot to pray and at that moment I knew! I'm going to open that store. After all, I was voted best dressed in high school. I love style and fashion. I was always a fun dresser and loved staying on the edge! This is it. I called that angel of a friend and told her my plan. Two weeks later we found ourselves at market and my store opened in the very location my parents had their photography studio for that past fifteen years. It was perfect!! This happened right before my youngest was heading to kindergarten. Again Gods perfect timing. Although, I have never been the PTA president, I have been able to provide my kids with a college fund, a nice home, a pantry full of snacks, and a great life with all
The things they need and some of what they want. I am so grateful his plans were so much better than mine! Over the past 7 years, I have shared so much with so many girls and watched them become young strong women. Owning frolic has shown my children and taught me that no one can save us but ourselves! I had it in
Me the whole time. I have a loving God who wants only the best for me. When I let Go and let Him great things happen. Today we are launching my new blog and our website. My goal
Here is to remind women young and old that we are all amazing. We all have so many gifts and talents. If we have a dream, we can achieve it. Our plan isn't always the best plan. Sometimes things have to fall
Apart so we can rebuild it back way better. There are no mistakes in this life, only lessons. I have learned many lessons and I am looking forward to sharing them with you. For it is through other peoples experiences and the hope they shared with me that I have become the Mother, daughter, sister, friend, and person I am today! God is always sending me angels to guide the way. Enjoy frolic today and please share this with your friends!


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