Noncoincidental Take on Advice

So this morning when I woke up I had a text from a dear friend asking me to keep her son while she went on a mission trip. This son is actually her sisters child she is raising because her life was taken due to domestic abuse and she took in both her children to raise as her own. This sister happened to have been one of my childhood best friends. We climbed trees, had  a detective club, shared our secrets, and ended up as the ones who made up every cheerleader dance through high school. Just as I text her back to say, of course we will keep him, Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson comes on the radio. I know right! Great tunes!! That song my friends is in the last dance we made up together before she graduated. I could still perform it if you want to watch. A sign to say the least. A smile or a dance move from above saying thanks or maybe saying tell him a few of your favorite things about me. Here is what this sings to me. In  this life, there simply are no coincidences. Little miracles happen everyday if you just believe and let them happen around you! 

So to tie all this together, as I am thanking God for these kind of non coincidental moments I recall something in my notes I wanted to send someone. As I open my notes dated today is my fairly short two cents worth on advice. I didn't write it today. This was written and posted on my Facebook well over a year ago. I know because it says 42 years. Now it's 43!!  So knowing what I know that coincidences don't exist, I figured I should post this two cents worth as my days blog, then challenge you to look for little miracles in your life today, appreciate all the"noncoincidental" things that happen all the time, then think about my take on advice.  So here is my two cents worth on advice. There must be someone out there today who needs to read this one..... 

When I first divorced, so many of my friends had their own 2 cents worth as to exactly what I needed to do or not to do. It was out of love no doubt. But Here is my own 2 cents worth on all that.  In the 42 years of my life, I've been thru a lot of great things and a lot of bad things, but not one thing I've been through makes me an expert on what someone else should do or not do. Everyone single one of us is entitled to live our life as we live it. Mistakes are lessons. It isn't my place or anyone's place to tell another person how he or she should live their life. The people who truly helped me and showed me ways to look deeper at myself were simply the people who shared their own experiences with me. Not one person knows your shoes unless they have walked in them. It's easy to tell someone what you think they should do. It's wiser to just love people where they are and as you live and share your life, let them life theirs. Today I simply share my experiences and you will never catch me telling another human being to do or not to do something. And u sure won't catch me degrading anyone for Their choices. A lot of the bad choices I've made ended up changing my life! 

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