Mr. Right will find you!!

So, I was recently talking to a beautiful blushing bride who was sharing her "love" story with me. As she described her Mr. Right and their relationship, I agreed wth her that he most definitely was the one. My job allows me to get to talk
To a lot of ladies, young and old about their relationships, and I find it amazing how so many of us settle for way less than we deserve Or we think we can make them into what we deserve. FYI.. You can't!!  

God wants nothing less than the very best for us. So this morning as I scrolled through a few pictures of this beautiful bride , it hit me exactly what it's all about. Now keep in mind, There has  to be some, as my friend calls them Mr. Right Nows that come into your life to get you where you need to be to recognize  "the one." First and foremost, I must state that I believe in order to find the one, you must be ready. Being ready to me means being happy with yourself, loving yourself, and not looking for someone to save you. Ladies we save ourselves by the grace of God. He is the only man who can do that.  You are simply waiting on him to find Gods time while u bask in your fulfilling life.

So how do you know when he arrives? Well here is my take on it. But ladies the things I express here are simply my opinions. So take what you like and leave the rest. "Finding the right person is as simple as finding the person who embraces the person you are, yet continues to inspire and support you to be the best version of you, YOU can be! They push U to reach your dreams, they encourage you to meet your goals, and they love you through the progress and accept the imperfections while applauding the big and small victories. The two become one, yet remain individuals on their own tracks as they travel side by side going where life takes them. It's never about being right, it's about being happy. Nor is it about being even, it's about keeping a lifetime of balance. It all begins with faith,hope then love, But as He assures us, the greatest of these is Love. It's never easy, but it's actually quite simple." So I challenge you today to make a list of all the things you want in Mr. Right, then  Become your own Mr. Right. And guess what is going to happen? You will be happy because you have all you need, you will love yourself because girls if you don't how can anyone else? Then, in his time, God is going to send him to find you. But you wonder, How will he find you? Well it will be easy!!!  As you will attract him because my friends as crazy as it sounds, we attract what we are. I know, you are thinking that's nuts. You are nothing like the jerk that just cheated on u with your best friend but if you look closely, there is a common thread, and that common thread just needs to go. Work on it, Pray about it, then give it to God!! Some people go a lifetime and never find "the one." You are not going to be that person because he is out there right now and he is going to find you because are so fabulous he can't miss you!!!!! 

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