Why do Bad things happen to Good people

Why do bad things happen to good people? Well, I have my own theory on that one. You see God knows that good people who go through bad things do at least four things. 1. They learn from their mistakes or mishaps. 2. They are more likely to share their bad experiences to give others hope. It is being his hands and feet, as he calls us to do. 3. They find more gratitude in the little things life has to offer and 4. They get closer to him which is the biggest bonus.
Not long after my divorce and the death of my mother, I was crying to a dear friend about how hard life had gotten. Poor me, why is all this happening to me? Well, she said something to me thAt I will never forget. She said "Christy, these trials are a privilege. " I looked at her and said, "seriously you are going home to ur six figure earning husband and ur two kids in ur perfect beautiful home and u r telling me I am the privileged one? " That is precisely what she was saying and it seemed absurd. She said, " God is trying to reel you in." I would like to say a light bulb went off and it hit me right then and there and I fell to my knees thanking God for what appeared to be the hell I found myself in, but I'll be honest it didn't sit well with me right away.
I was blessed to have a supportive group of God loving friends around me and I began to accept the life I was living more and more. This was God, not me. I truly believe that acceptance is the key. If I couldn't accept that my life was exactly as it should be, then the end of this story wouldn't be what it is. Once I accepted that I was now a single mom with no job, a lapsed teaching certificate, and I realized that the stay at home mom plan was out the window, I started to mend. He put other single moms in my life who shared their experiences with me and little by little the pain got better. Then, I had to begin to change the things I could change. And it didn't happen over night. But you see, God gave me these two beautiful kids and the desire to give them a life where they could flourish. I wanted more for them before I wanted more for myself. And guess what? God was doing some of his best work. He was reeling me in. I don't believe in coincidences, and I have no doubt every time I got down, he picked me up or he sent one of his angels to do it for him. Remember number 2-being his hands and feet! I believe that there are going to be times in all our lives when we get sent the Angel, and that angel is there grooming us to be someone else's angel on
Another day.
I wish I knew the exact words, but Someone said to me just this morning, that they knew I was spiritual and had a strong faith. Well I have that faith because God reeled me back in. God showed me time and time again how to call out to him. And guess what? He always answered. Now, if I told you I liked all his answers that would sound peachy , but I most certainly didn't like a lot of his answers although somehow I had found the key and it was to accept them. Have u ever heard it said ,my will be done? No of course not because, it is THY will be done. And there were days I would say over and Over. "Your will not mine." Remember that number 1 I wrote about..., They learn from their mistakes or mishaps. Well, I can trace back most of my mistakes to my will. I sure had a strong one and I thought I knew what was best for me and those around me. Today I know that my mistakes were lessons, and guess what Ive learned a whole lot!! I Wear a cool cuff everyday my dear friend Deana made me that says.. Let Go Let God! And yes, It works if you really let him.
Here is the end of today's story. There were many times in the past ten years I thought my life was falling apart. But it wasn't. It was just like my dear friend said, it was God reeling me in. Because it wasn't my life falling apart. It was my plan. And his plan has and will always be better than mine. So there is the gratitude I have for the little things. Today when I hit a bump, I'm grateful because I now know the great fisherman in the sky has his eyes and his hands directly on me. And these days I do fall to my knees and thank him for the good, the bad, and the ugly because he loves me so much to reel me in. And the beauty to this is, he loves everyone of of us just that much! So if today you are struggling and can't seem to figure out why, trust me when I tell you, it's truly a privilege. You can hate me now and thank me later!! God has better plans for you than you can even imagine because he loves you just that much!!

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