You can keep a Good one Down

the month of April is always a month of reflection and excitement of what is to come! Both my children and I have April birthdays! I still can't believe they are 14 and about to be 12. Maddox reminded me this morning that she is about to be a preteen
And it made me think. These are big years for both of them as they begin to grow and get close to the teenage years which put them
On their paths to building their own futures. The most important thing to me that my children have gotten as young adolescents through preteen and early teens is a sense of their selves and who they are, what they stand for, what they deserve, and how worthy they are of great things ahead. I have never never allowed either of my kids to have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Now, why is this? It's because I started having a boyfriend in the 5th grade and I was entirely too young to even realize what happened there. It was all
Harmless, but it was the beginning of me loosing some of my worth. I can still remember being so sad when my 6th grade boyfriend dumped me and even thinking something must be wrong with me. So I just found another one. Then when we broke up, I thought the same thing. Now I am
Quite certain not everyone feels this way, and it works out just fine for most people. But, Let me say this, I even had a mother telling me how great I was everyday. She told me I could do anything, and I still believe her. If you know me then you know I can!
I believe I was just too young and immature to understand and at that age I
Didn't know who I was. We never know how a child will
Interpret things that go on. I had just decided to ditch the tomboy tube socks and dress like a girl. I was still figuring it all out.
I spent a lot of years believing someone else was going to be my answer. When I was 15, my mom even told me Christy no one can make you happy but yourself. Others can only add to it. But I still didn't get it. I can tell
My kids these things all day long but if they are living it, then it's more likely to sink in. So they r learning how to be happy healthy kids before they bring a significant other into their lives. They don't really complain about it. They just say I am strict. I can't protect them from most of the things they will face in life, but I can give them some of the tools they will need to protect their selves and what I have learned is we ourselves are our best ali. Knowing our strengths and who we are keep us on our toes. To be really good, you have to know you are good!!  I love the quote, "you can't Keep a good one down" because you simply just can't.!!

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