This Little Light of Mine

So I was invited to a party recently. Being a single mom with two busy kids, owning a business, and working as a fitness instructor I don't really get to go to many parties. I'm usually too tired to go anywhere. So I was excited. As any girl should do, I got all dolled up. I had on the jeans that make my butt look good, the perfect heel to dress up my outfit, a rocking black shirt as one can never go wrong in black, my arms full of my favorite bracelets and the most perfect layers of necklaces beginning with a black choker. Honestly, I am quite certain you would have pinned me if I had been pictured on pintrest. By my side was my best friend whom I also call my Friday faithful.
Now after being there for only a short while, a friend of mine came up to me and said, "you think you have on enough necklaces?" Now there was a time in my life when if someone had said this to me, it would have hurt my feelings. Does she not like me? Then I would have most likely second guessed the necklaces. Maybe even gone to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Now if there is one thing I know, one thing I've always known is fashion. I like to be different and look different so mission accomplished there and party goes on.
I on the other hand saw a friend of mine that night whom has lost some weight and looks great. I didn't walk up to him and say.... So do you think you have lost Enough weight? I walked up to him and said. Wow you look great!! There were people there whom I feel like I could help fashion wise, but I didn't walk up to them and say, so you really think those shoes go with that dress? Why would I ever want to say those kind of things to people? I strive to be positive and uplifting.
You see we all are born with this bright light. God created all
Of us. We are made in his image. So why don't we all go around shining it constantly? It's becAuse somewhere along the way, Circumstances we have been in tend to dim our lights. Sometimes we don't even realize how dim they are. Those of us who figure it out are the lucky ones. My poor light had been challenged for too long. It was time I took back the switch and kept it in a safe place. For I learned what other people say or do isn't even about me, it's about them. I also learned that If I'm putting myself down then it just is asking others to do it as well. I use to make everything about me and take things way too personal. What an epiphany!! I am finally realizing what a bright light I am. I am seeing how wonderfully made I am. I am
No where near perfect but I am the daughter of a king and I was made by him and he sent his son to die for me. And I am doing the very best I can. Life is hard, people go through all kinds of bad stuff, but it is the bad stuff that has taught me to be stronger. The bad stuff has brought me closer to God. The bad stuff has shown me how bright of a light I actually possess!
For a long time, I allowed others to dim that light. Now let me warn you, the brighter your light is, the more people you attract so be careful not to let those people take the dim switch. I use to have so many friends. I got invited to every wedding, shower, and party blah blah blah. Oh And I went to all of them. The older and wiser I got I realized some of my so called friends were light dimmers. Yes I mAy be unorganized and run around crazy, but I am a great mom
And lead a life I am very proud of!! my question to these light dimmers is have u walked in my shoes? Because until u have, don't come to my house and laugh at how It is out of sorts. Don't make fun of me jokingly to my face with negative remarks or make caddy comments at how crazy I am because guess what that isn't what we are called to do in this world, and u have to be a little crazy to accomplish all the things I do.
I have this dear friend who randomly comes by my store and I will go into the bathroom and see that she took the trash out or she has left me some toilet paper. She never says man you can't even keep toilet paper or darn u just let the trash pile up. She just silently helps me and its done. This is a true friend. True friends lift you up. They help you and you help them. They don't take advantage of you nor you them. They see the good through the bad. They love you where you are. They brighten the light and in turn it brightens their lights. True friends don't judge you or tell you what you should or shouldn't do. They r there when u fly with applause and there when you Fall with a hand up! True friends don't try to fix save or change you, they accept you. God has blessed me some real true friends and the ability to realize how true they are makes me so grateful.
That Friday faithful said to me, " Christy you have allowed so many people who are down to pull you down. " he was so right and he was always there to lift me back up. Key word there is allowed. No one can dim my light or pull me down unless I let them. Well those down days are over. I may be the "B" word somedays, but knowing my worth and seeing my light has changed my whole life. Sometimes you have to go from one extreme to the other just to get the right balance. God has me and my light! I am just hanging on to the switch from now on and as one of my favorite songs say.... This little light of mine I'm Gonna let it shine! This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine. Won't let Satan blow it out! NO I'm gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!!!

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